Discover the top 10  migraine triggers hiding in your food

  • Do you wake up in the middle of the night with a migraine and have no idea why?
  • Is your family getting tired of you cancelling outings with them due to your headaches?

Grab this short report of what to avoid when shopping, cooking and eating out!

Meet Gwyn


Gwyn Morasko is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Certified High Performance Coach.  After spending over 30 years as an aerospace engineer and senior manager in the corporate sector, she became driven to help others achieve their next level.  She received her training as a Certified High Performance Coach at the High Performance Institute. 
Her own challenges with various autoimmune disorders and chronic migraines led her on a 10-year mission to discover a more holistic and integrative approach to alleviating the pain and crippling fatigue associated with the various medical conditions.  This culminated in her becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 
She specializes in helping transform exhausted, overwhelmed high achievers into balanced and healthy high performers. 

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"“Gwyn and I both come from fitness and wellness coaching and we were both introduced to high performance coaching by our own mentors. So when I became a certified high performance coach and I knew I am going to hire my own coach to uplevel my life, Gwyn was naturally the best choice. She helped me further increase my own clarity, pointed out some self limiting beliefs that I didn't even see and she also helped me be more confident. I highly recommend her as a coach if you want to uplevel your own life.""

Jola Pypno-Crapanzano

""Before I hired Gwyn, I saw my dream of being a thriving artist as just a dream. I was uncomfortable sharing a piece of my heart with the world and lacked the courage and confidence to sell my art. As an artist and stay at home mom, my natural tendencies were to stay small and keep my masterpieces to myself in the comfort of my home. I was left with a deep feeling of an unfilled life. Something had to change! A fear that held me back from investing in coaching was if I would gain the confidence she promised if I put in the work with her suggestions. Not only did I do the things, but I was surprised at how much confidence and clarity I gained after the first session! Gwyn has a knack for narrowing in on what is holding you back and helping you move forward in action that is perfect for you. (In my case, I took baby steps just outside my comfort zone!) Since my coaching sessions with Gwyn, I have built and sold two online shops, started sharing and selling my art confidently with the world and have made baby steps toward helping other creative moms shine their talent confidently with the world. I'm excited to see how many lives I can touch all because of investing in coaching sessions with Gwyn. The future is so bright!""

Jaylin Knutson

""I have really zeroed in on the health portion of Gwyn’s coaching. She brought me some great ideas that I could implement in my daily life, especially on the diet front, increasing my energy available for everything else.""

Pattie Bagwell