Gwyn Morasko

Welcome! I'm Gwyn Morasko.

My goal here is to encourage, inspire, and help you to unlock the best version of yourself. Whether that's in the area of health, career, family life, or going for an audacious dream you might have set aside DUE to your health, career, or family life. 

Has your body been giving you signs? Have you found yourself putting your goals and dreams and friendships on the back burner while you try to "figure it all out"? Have you missed out on family outings or dates because of yet another migraine or joint pain or all over fatigue? Have you wanted to be more productive, but lost your focus? Have you been wanting to go for that promotion but worry that you won't have the energy to perform at a higher level? I've been there and can completely understand. You DESERVE to feel engaged with your life again. You DESERVE to feel vibrant health and joy again. You DESERVE to set and achieve audacious goals again. 

Whether you want to focus on mastering your migraines, thriving with autoimmune disorders, or creating a road map to your best self by exploring the 5 key areas of high performance (clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence), you are in the right place.

To start getting clear on where to begin with your health life goals, schedule a quick 15 minute clarity call with me to see if we are a good fit. You can see my availability and schedule directly on my calendar at: Gwyn's Calendar.

About Gwyn Morasko

I am a Certified Holistic Coach, Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador, and a Certified High Performance Coach. As a senior manager in the corporate sector for over 30 years, I became driven to help others achieve their next level of high performance through mindset mentoring. I am one of only approximately 700 elite Certified High Performance Coaches in the world and am privileged to be certified by one of the most influential and followed leaders in the personal development world today. I truly enjoy coaching my clients on how to define their purpose, get rid of distractions, and finally gain momentum in life to achieve the life they truly want.

Because of my personal experience with the crippling pain, migraines, weight gain, and fatigue associated with autoimmune disorders, I approach my private, group, and workplace wellness programs with empathy, education, and first-hand knowledge of the challenges along the journey to vibrant health, wellness and work/life balance.

My Personal Story

From a very early age I put a lot of stress on myself by setting lofty goals that often required burning the candle at both ends. At just 8 years old, I had already written goals to:

1. learn to play the bassoon,

2. be an exchange student to Europe

3. become a scientist so that I could work with NASA on the space program.

I went on to achieve all 3 of those goals, but if you are anything like me, you have been your own worst enemy by adding even MORE pressure on yourself to succeed. I transitioned from an extremely active high school athlete to an obsessed runner and gym rat with an OCD diet mentality in my 20's, while at the same time being a Type A workaholic rocket scientist/aerospace engineer/ program manager. I maintained a grueling work pace (often 80 to 100 hours per week) and workout schedule (2 to 3 hours per day of running and lifting weights) along with daily exposure to molds and factory chemicals in the workplace.

Unfortunately for me, that brutal pace and both real and perceived pressure started taking a toll on my health. I found myself suffering from a barrage of chronic illnesses that started showing up in my late 20s with chronic bouts of pneumonia, fatigue, migraines, and joint pain. Because of my strong work ethic, I was still able to advance in my Aerospace engineering and program management career to senior level positions, but at a steep cost. I was suffering in silence. I wanted to love my job, but it soon became a way to make money to pay for my doctors. I often felt trapped to stay on that crazy hamster wheel just for the health benefits package. It was a Catch-22: I needed the job for the health benefits to pay for the chronic disorders, but the job was contributing to the health issues that required the health benefits!

In addition to using my planner for managing my Aerospace programs, I also used it to place a little circle at the top of each new page with the number from 0 to 10 to track the severity of my almost daily migraines. At the bottom of each page was a little area where I tracked what I ate, which buildings I was in, and how much sleep I got in order to determine which food, chemical, mold or life-stressor was making my migraines and joint pain worse or better. I became my own science project! (Sometimes it DOES take a rocket scientist!)

To add insult to injury, I began rapidly gain weight for no apparent reason. I resorted to spending thousands of dollars on numerous weight loss clinics and doctors. The result was a 90 pound weight gain as a very low calorie, low fa vegan in less than 3 years. I spent no less than $100,000 on my search for both Eastern and Western medicine answers to my chronic joint pain, migraines, and mysterious weight gain. After receiving several autoimmune disorder diagnoses, I tweaked my nutrition via food elimination testing, and started working from home part time. I dropped over 40 pounds and enjoyed 10 great years of remission. Healing myself holistically with food and environmental toxin elimination improved my well being so dramatically that I became a Certified Holistic Coach in 2012 at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I loved the constant learning and newfound understanding of the bio-individuality of each person. And I especially loved helping people with similar challenges avoid going down the same wrong paths I did for several decades. 

My Turning Point

In late 2014, I accepted a promotion that required me to move my office into a 60 year old factory building, often working 12 to 16 hours per day, which triggered a major relapse. I rapidly gained 25 pounds over the next 3 months after the move and crippling pain and daily migraines returned. The inflammation in my body was so severe that my shoes no longer fit, and I could no longer close my hands. I had to install and use dictation software on all of my computers. The final straw was when I passed out at work and ended up in the ER just 3 months after moving into that factory building. I knew I needed to make a DRASTIC change for the sake of my life and my relationships.

Being a lifelong student of personal development, I knew that there was more to life than just surviving. In order to bring the joy back to your life WHILE achieving your goals, you need to put yourself first. So that's what I did. I chose to take a new position that allowed me to work from home. When I was finally able to control my work environment and apply the Migraine Management techniques I had developed, the transformation was amazing. With my purpose, lose those 25 pounds, get the use of my hands back, and complete my certification studies at the High Performance Institute.

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