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The Natural Way to Stop Your Migraines Before they Strike

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Have you ever...

  • disappointed your kids because a migraine kept you  in bed during their school play or big game? 
  • missed out on a promotion because your boss (or YOU) worried that you couldn't handle the extra stress? 
  • pretended to be paying attention at an event or meeting but couldn't focus due to a migraine?
  • gone years without dating because you didn't want to be a burden?
  • turned down a dinner invitation because you worried about migraine triggers being in the food?

What if you could...

  • start that business you've been dreaming about for years?
  • take a family vacation and truly have fun instead of staying back in a dark hotel room with an ice pack?
  • confidently go for that promotion you know you deserve?
  • say goodbye to migraines and truly enjoy life again?
migraine mentor, gwyn morasko

Meet your Migraine Mentor

Gwyn Morasko

Holistic Health Coach & Certified High Performance Coach

I started out my adult life very fit and athletic, but after several years in the high stress world of corporate aerospace, chronic migraines, chronic fatigue and weight gain became the norm. In my 30’s and early 40's, I spent over $100,000 on failed diets, medical specialists, and alternative healing modalities searching for a solution to my almost daily migraines and unexplained weight gain. In my mid 40’s, I finally put many of the elusive pieces of my complicated health puzzle together and was able to go from 4 migraines per week to 4 migraines per year, and lost over 40 pounds in the process. 

In my 50’s, I decided it was time to help others do the same. I became a Certified Integrative Nutritionist and Certified High Performance Coach. I love helping people with big dreams overcome chronic migraines and fatigue so they can live the live they DESIRE, rather than the life they just tolerate. 


A virtual 6-week program on on how to manage and prevent migraines naturally.

Become Defiantly Committed to Mastery Over Your Migraine Triggers!

Edible Triggers


Environmental Triggers


Emotional Triggers


What's Included

  • Live Group Kick-Off Call

  • Daily Support in a Closed Facebook Group

  • 5 Weekly live Zoom Coaching Sessions

  • Weekly Action Plan

  • A Dedicated Session on How to Handle Setbacks

  • Live Q&A / "Hot Seat" Sessions



  • 7-Day Spring Reboot Program    ($147 value)
  • Newly Revised and Expanded "Top 40 Migraine Triggers Hiding in Your Food, and How to Restock Your Kitchen with Safe Alternatives   ($14  value)
  • Pantry Clean Out Guide (only given during $500 VIP clean out day)
  • Migraine Journal, Tracker, and Shopping Guides  ($37 value)


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